Zinc die-cast housing, nickel-plated 
Excellent quality component , professional circuit design and low loss
Excellent quality chip , professional program design and compatible with more types of satellite receiver
Can work normally outdoors under unsheltered circumstance, exquisite plastic case shell attached
DiSEqC 1.0 , supports bi-directional DiSEqC full control functions
Select one of two satellite signals through DiSEqC commands supplied from satellite receiver
Utilize one coaxial cable to transmit control instruction and satellite signal simultaneously
Support DiSEqC “standby” command,

SAB 2/1 DISEqC Switch

€ 25,00 Normale prijs
€ 14,99Verkoopprijs

  • Specifications :

    Item Specification
    Frequency Range 950-2400(MHz)
    Insertion Loss 3(dB)
    Isolation 20(dB)
    Return Loss 8(dB)
    Normal Working Voltage 12-20(V)
    DC Power Consumption 10(mA)
    DC Max Power Passing 500(mA)
    Impedance(all ports) 75(Ω)
    Connectors F type female
    Switching Signal DiSEqC 1.0、2.0

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