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Glass Buildings


  • Fingerprint accessory
  • Compatible with SF-SMARTLOCK-BT and SF-SLRELAY-BT
  • Remote opening and closing of lock and relay
  • Opening through fingerprint
  • Capacity 20 fingerprints
  • Integrated battery


€ 119,00 Normale prijs
€ 89,00Verkoopprijs
    • Safire
    • Accessory for lock or smart relay
    • Opening by fingerprint
    • Capacity 20 fingerprints
    • Omnidirectional sensor
    • Built-in battery with battery life up to 2 months
    • Discrete, aesthetically pleasing, small size
    • Compatible with SF-SMARTLOCK-BT(-PRO) and SF-SLRELAY-BT
    Brand Safire
    Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
    Power microUSB
    Battery Integrated with up to 2 months of duration
    Battery capacity 230 mAh
    Functions Fingerprint opening of the lock and relay
    Weight 34 g
    Material Aluminium alloy
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