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Glass Buildings


  • Safire
  • Smart lock with Bluetooth connection 4.0
  • Motorized cylinder and knob system
  • Cylinder adaptable to different door widths 55 to 115 mm
  • Big Motor technology for opening doors with top and bottom anchoring
  • Contactless door opening through the app
  • Feeding up to 6 months with 10 openings per day
  • Functional with physical key
  • Automatic locking of the lock configurable
  • Guest users without needing to be near the lock
  • Report of openings and users
  • Usual use in vacant, family and rented housing
  • Free management and opening application
  • Decorative ring not included


€ 259,00 Normale prijs
€ 219,00Verkoopprijs
  • Brand Safire
    Lock Euro extensible for 55 to 115 mm aluminum alloy doors
    Lever Type Long cam
    Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0
    Power 3 batteries CR123 (included)
    Application Cloud Smart Lock for iOS and Android
    Functions Sharing without being nearby / Regular or family users / Logging report / Configurable auto-close / Left/right position
    Openings Via app (Administrator, User or Guest), physical key from the outside, slight turn of the knob from the inside (activates the automatic turn)
    Duration 6 months with 10 openings per day
    Dimensions 60 (W) x 60 (H) x 145 (D) mm
    Weight 600 g
    Operating temperature 0 ºC ~ 70 ºC
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